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Time Lecture Topic Speaker Moderator
8.20-8.45am Registration
8.45-8.55am Chairman address Dr Shunji Kawamoto
8.55-9.05am ASPBM chair address Prof Lee Kyu Yeol
Session 1 - PBM is Extending the Frontiers of Health Care Prof Park Jong Hoon /
Dr Pau Kiew Kong
9.05-9.40am 1 PBM Delineated~A Global Picture Prof Aryeh Shander
(Emeritus chair of Department of Anaesthesiology, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, New Jersey, USA)
9.40-10.10am 2 Japan Gains Momentum With PBM Dr Shunji Kawamoto
(Director of
Bloodless Medicine & Surgery, Shonan Atsugi Hospital)
10.10-10.30am 3 China Forges Ahead With PBM Prof Ji Hongwen
(Director of
Anesthesiology, Transfusion Medicine, Fuwai Hospital, Beijing)
10.30-10.40am Question and answer
10.40-10.55am Coffee break
Session 2 - The Universal Clinical Principles of PBM Prof Lee Jungjae /
Dr Shunji Kawamoto
10.55-11.15am 4 Managing anemia: Identifying iron deficiency and preventing anemia in the healthy Prof Yuh Youngjin
(Director of
Haematology, Inje University Paik Hospital, Seoul, Korea)
11.15-11.35am 5 Managing anemia: Perioperative evaluation and management of anemia Prof Koh Jaewhoan
(Director of
Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ilsan Paik Hospital, Inje University, Goyang, Korea)
11.35-11.55am 6 Managing anemia: Enhancing physiological tolerance to anemia, challenging extreme anemia Prof Shin Hyeon Ju
(Director of
Anaesthesiology, Korea University, Seoul, Korea)
11.55am-12.15pm 7 Effectiveness of intraoperative normovolemic hemodilution method for Jehovah 's Witnesses undergoing highly -invasive abdominal surgery Dr Koh Shimizu
(Consultant Anesthesiologist, Shonan Atsugi Hospital)
12.15-1.15pm Lunch break
1.15-1.35pm 8 Optimising coagulation~knowing the defect and targeting it right (POCT/VET) Dr Pau Kiew Kong
(Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic
surgeon, National Heart Institute (IJN), Malaysia)
1.35-1.55pm 9 Patient-centered decision making~dignifying our patients (informed choice) Prof Aryeh Shander
(Emeritus chair of Department of
Anaesthesiology, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, New Jersey, USA)
1.55-2.05pm Question and answer
Session 3 - The Application of PBM Has Far-Reaching Implications Prof Yuh Young-jin /
Prof Ji Hongwen
2.05-2.25pm 10 PBM in paediatrics~challenges in the very young Dr Angelina Gapay
(Director of
Anaesthesiology, Paediatric Anaesthetist, Divine Word Hospital, Philippines)
2.25-2.45pm 11 PBM in gynecology~When blood is not an option Dr Hiromi Inoue
(Director of
Gynecology & Obstetrics, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)
2.45-3.05pm 12 PBM in oncology / oncology surgery~a balancing act Prof Park Jong Hoon
(Director of
Orthopaedics, Orthopaedic oncology
surgeon, Korea University Anam Hospital, Korea)
3.05-3.20pm Coffee break
3.20-3.40pm 13 PBM in medicine~the bridge in bleeding disorders Dr Jameela Sathar
(National Head of Haematology, Consultant Haematologist, Ampang Hospital, Malaysia)
3.40-4.00pm 14 PBM in general thoracic surgery~complex cases Dr Ryuta Fukai
(Director of
General Thoracic Surgery, Shonan Kamakura General Hospital)
4.00-4.20pm 15 PBM in maternal fetal medicine~protecting the unborn Dr Carol Lim
(Maternal Fetal Medicine Consultant, Ampang Hospital, Malaysia)
4.20-4.40pm 16 PBM in a region-developments in establishing ASPBM & propagating PBM Dr Bae Dongjun
(Consultant Radiologist)
4.40-4.50pm Question and answer
Session 4 - How Can More Patients Benefit From the Advancement of PBM? Dr Ananthi Krishnamoorthy
4.50-5.10pm Forum: Helping Health-Care Professionals Find Solutions
5.10-5.20pm Conclusion Prof Lee Kyu Yeol /
Dr Shunji Kawamoto
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